For Davidians

It Came To Pass

1959 to 1993

“If you reject Christ’s delegated messengers, you reject Christ.”  Testimonies to Ministers, p. 98

"The sad part is that type reveals that (antitypical) Judah (the church– DSDA/BDSDA) will again crucify the BRANCH. Since the BRANCH is not a person but Christ, Inspiration reveals they crucify Christ by rejecting His message - the BRANCH. This is what Davidians also say:

"Just as Christ was crucified, so the Two Witnesses will be killed. And as Christ was resurrected, so the Two Witnesses will be raised...The prophecy of Revelations 11 shows that Christ in our day in the form of His Truth, His Word, is to be crucified afresh at the hands of His professed people and that the Truth will be raised in glorious exaltation and victory and to the shame of its enemies." The Symbolic Code, March 1956, Vol. 11 #5 pp 13, 14. Lesson #3 p. 12, Benjamin L. Roden. (supplied).

As difficult to grasp as this following commentary may be, or will be, for all Davidians, Seventh-Day Adventists, and all professed believers in Messiah for that matter, I will share with you the heart of the matter as many of us now view it.  It is no less than the antitype of the Cross of Messiah Yahshua (Jesus), now fulfilled.  Yes, I do understand this to be a rather shocking revelation for anyone to consider who has come this far.

What did you expect, brother, sister Davidian, and fellow SDA? What did you expect to see in the antitypical manifestation of Messiah, Christ, in the Advent Movement today? For, “Christ Himself is also a type.” VTH-12C1,6. No, not a person, but the antitypical corporate body of Messiah today, who are representing Him during the period of time of His New Name – The Branch, from 1955 forward.  Did you expect the Emmanuel of today to come without bearing the circumstantial reproach of His people today (the Advent Movement), who have rejected message after message since 1888?  Did you expect to see an antitypical Emmanuel who would NOT be “crucified afresh” (Heb. 6:6 ; 5A42) by His professed people, in an open and shameful manner, before the whole world for 51 days?  What a terrible ordeal it was.

Those of us in The Branch who had nothing to do with David Koresh have borne this reproach for Messiah’s sake since 1993. What did you think, that the servant is greater than the Master? (John 13:16).  But I must also tell you, that those of us who have followed The Branch message, under Ben Roden and Lois Roden, and only under Ben and Lois Roden, for all the years before Vernon Howell (David Koresh) came upon the scene, we have come to the realization that we are no better than those who did accept and follow David Koresh, and those who even followed him to his fiery end in 1993.  

The Cross of Messiah is a most humbling experience, in a most positive and ennobling manner for all who receive it.  As the old saying goes, “there but for the grace of God,…”  We have nothing to boast of, save for the Cross of Messiah, 2000 years ago, … and today.  It has all been a most humbling experience, filled with grief and sorrow, for the reproach it has brought upon the Name of Messiah, His Good Name, His pain, His Blood, and, certainly for the lives lost in the circumstantial Divine Judgment in the Waco holocaust.

Not desiring to belabor the point, but, in Yahshua’s (Jesus’) response to Yohannan (John) the Baptist [and his followers], … “What went ye out to see: A reed shaken with the wind? But what went ye out for to see? A man clothed in soft raiment?….” (Matt. 11).

What did you brethren expect to see, a glorious, soft, beautiful, clean and tidy  antitypical Messiah-Emmanuel, represented in the Movement bearing His New Name?   Hardly! 

Yahshua Himself was looked down upon for being a Nazarene carpenter and His seeming questionable parentage. The Person of Messiah was disrespected and full of suspicion. He was known to hang around with publicans and sinners, even harlots.

The sacrifice of Messiah was a bloody mess. Get used to it.

It is truly our greatest blessing, for our personal and corporate healing. 

It is our heritage. Get close to it, and learn about it.

I ask you to embrace it (Him), to “look and live”, as the Brazen Serpent lifted UP upon the pole that Moses erected to heal Israel (John 3:14).  

It, (He) is our only hope!

Thanks be to Messiah Yahshua for His willingness and ability to bear our sin of rejection, sin and uncleanness!

If not, then show me your antitypical sacrifice in modern Israel for sin and uncleanness, for “Christ Himself is also a type” (VTH).

Did you not expect a corporate reproach connected with an antitypical sin bearing Messiah-Emmanuel? Yes, of course, many would agree.  But NOT THIS reproach – NOT THIS Branch - The Branch -1955.  As Brother Houteff and Sister White taught, rejecting new light is not free, not without consequence. There is a price to be paid. It has now been paid. Look and be healed.

There is more than one kind of reproach spoken of in Scripture.  The only kind of reproach that I am speaking of here is the corporate reproach when it is brought about by Messiah’s body of professed believers when they choose not to follow Him, the lighted pathway He has ordained.  Similarly, there is also a reproach that results in embracing and following Truth (new light), the “reproach of Messiah” (Heb. 6:26 ; 13:13 ; Rom. 15:3 ; Isa. 43:28 : Eze. 5 & 6 ; Ps. 80 – the prophecy of the Waco judgment).

Our Messiah Yahshua (Jesus) in the heavenly sanctuary has borne it all, for His people. And, let us be mindful, there is also more than one kind of atonement, retributive, punitive, and redemptive. Messiah alone brings redemptive atonement. But to “crucify afresh” Messiah, corporately or personally, brings a kind of punitive atonement, which may exact exemplary damages on the perpetrator, a price that must be paid depending on the degree and repetitive nature of the transgression, and in this case, in the corporate body of Messiah today.  Yes, forgiveness is freely given to the repentant sinner, but remember, a price will be paid, and sometimes consequences for the sinner as well. 

You see, the crucifixion of Messiah was not so nice of a scene, not the least beautiful in appearance. It was embarrassing, shameful and ugly, as He became sin for us, in a broader and deeper extent that we can imagine.  But through it, He makes “ALL THINGS NEW”. On the Cross, He fought the greatest war ever fought.

No, David Koresh was not some legitimate “Sinful Messiah” as the newspapers proclaimed, but the act of capital idolatry that he lead and committed was permitted through Divine Agency for a time, because of the capital idolatry of our people, leaning on the arm of flesh, turning aside from the lighted pathway, all of us (SDA, DSDA and BDSDA), for rejecting new light, from 1888 forward, shamefully treating the messengers, “Christ in the messenger He sends”. COL 79.

You see, when you, or I, or any of Christ’s profess believers, reject truth, reject a Heaven sent messenger, then the professed believer rejects Christ, rejects Messiah, the believer is telling the Savior that we must go find another shepherd to follow, a false shepherd. The enemy of souls is then permitted to send his own false shepherd.  This personal decision our Savior permits, but it was not His perfect will for us to go down that path.   And to do so will incur self-inflicted consequences.

This sinful curse (example and promise -- Joshua 6:18 ; Deut. 11:26, 28, 29 ; 30:1), was destined to fall upon the third section of the Advent Movement which would bear the New Name of Messiah – The Branch. (Isa. 11:1/Rev. 3:12 – showing third sealing truth of the New Name of Messiah / Heb. 6:6 – showing the antitypical crucifixion of Messiah, in the message and movement bearing His new name. Ps. 80:15,16/Isa. 4:4 – showing the latter day judgment on antitypical Judah/Zion, a Torah based community of believers, with the Sabbath and Sanctuary truths, who have no excuse not to understand the judgment and the harvest in the latter days, who should know better than to reject a new message, which is idolatry).

So you see, brethren, with all of the various SDA and DSDA organizations attempting to distance themselves [personally and corporately] from the reproach brought about by the providential judgment to The Branch in 1993, the Branch-Davidians – culminating at Passover time, it is tantamount to proclaiming one’s innocence without merit, perpetuating the sins of our forefathers in the movement. We all had a part in this judgment-curse, even if we were not directly involved. Being associated with SDA, DSDA and BDSDA, places us at the scene of the crime (spiritually), in the final analysis, and our attitude toward the events of Waco 1993 determines whether or not we are deemed a “witness” (to testify for the truth) or a “suspect” (subject to charges).

Yes, in the eyes of the world, there is a difference between the “Davidian” and the “Branch-Davidian”, and Seventh-Day Adventist faith communities, in our message(s) theologically, in fellowship and practice, though it saddens me to say it since we all embrace the same unique Torah based foundation, being restored from 1844 to the present.  But, in reality, there is no difference between these three sections of the same movement (SDA, DSDA and BDSDA) since all three are part of a prophetic WHOLE (movement), and there SHOULD be NO difference, but some of us move on, even though some stay where they are, setting their stakes and will not be moved.

Truly then, we should consider, we must consider, that the circumstantial and spiritual warfare in The Branch Movement was first manifested in 1959 in the Davidian Movement initial rejection of Benjamin Roden’s testimony, also in April of that year. Then, 33 years later, a final unfolding of the antitypical crucifying afresh of Messiah (Heb. 6:6), was fulfilled in the militant stance manifested against a new message that began to emerge from 1981 to 1984 in the Branch Movement, foretold in 1977 (by Lois Scott Roden), and in 1958 (Benjamin L. Roden).  This constituted the seven year time prophecy given by Lois Roden at New Mt. Carmel during that time period.  You may read about it in the "Sign of Jonah" Report in the History section for the details, and the prophecy time charts published by Lois Roden in 1978 in the Branch Graphics index, in the Original Publications section, also included in various publication booklets by Lois Roden, in her section, “The Branch Message - LSR”.

As the above quote of Brother Houteff and Brother Roden so indicate, in the early Branch publications, the Davidians under Florence Houteff, fully and finally rejected Messiah (in a Message bearing His New Name) in the final appeal given to the Davidians in 1959 by Ben Roden, a few days before the failed Ezekiel 9 prophecy by Florence Houteff in the spring of 1959,.... three and one half years after the message (Seven Letters) was first presented to the Davidian executive council in the fall of 1955. This was the reason that the original DSDA organization was to ultimately fall, in a legal dissolution in 1962.  But spiritually it died in the spring of 1959. You can read the actual history and prophecy for yourself in the Seven Letters to Florence Houteff [and to the DSDA Executive Counsel] written by Benjamin Roden from 1955 through 1956, available also in the Original Publications section. This was a direct prophecy given by Ben Roden to the Davidians during that three and one half year time period, and, oh yes, this also came to pass. Our history does not lie, and the prophecy was true – Ezekiel 21:12,13 ; Ezekiel 23 & 24 (1 TG 18:7 unrevised). It was a “great change” indeed. (1TG8:24).

Thirty-three years later, culminating in the spring of 1993, a final rejection of new truth brought a devastating providential judgment within the movement bearing Messiah's New Name, witnessed world-wide for 51 days. It was a rejection of new Truth that precipitated the initial events that brought Vernon Howell to his assumed authority and acceptance by many in the Branch Movement, bringing the predicted curse upon the New Name of Messiah, The Branch.

In this manner, in 1993, and in 1959, the Only-Begotten Son of the Most High was “crucified afresh” near the end of days.  Ben Roden prophesied this in 1958, in Branch Lesson #3 page 12, that this “curse” upon the New Name of Messiah would take place.  Coincidence? You decide, prayerfully, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

From the book Testimonies to Ministers by E. G. White, the quotation at the top, in full context of the 1888 Message.

"I have no smooth message to bear to those who have been so long as false guideposts, pointing the wrong way. If you reject Christ’s delegated messengers, you reject Christ. Neglect this great salvation, kept before you for years, despise this glorious offer of justification through the blood of Christ and sanctification through the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit, and there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation. I entreat you now to humble yourselves and cease your stubborn resistance of light and evidence. Say unto the Lord, Mine iniquities have separated between me and my God. O Lord, pardon my transgressions. Blot out my sins from the book of Thy remembrance. Praise His holy name, there is forgiveness with Him, and you can be converted, transformed. {TM 97.1}

For if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh: how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?"

If you desire to learn more of this awesome sacrifice, “through the Eternal Spirit” (Heb. 9:14), you may wish to investigate The Branch Message – LSR, the publications by Lois Roden, in the Original Publications section, since this was the central topic of her ministry.  The Person and Personality of the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost is the gateway to this supreme topic of our redemption, our Sanctification. For, no one comes to the Father except through the Son, and,…. No one comes to the Son except by the Ruach Ha Kodesh, the Holy Spirit.