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--One Student's Perspective--


Virtually all Davidians today have not been taught to differentiate between the two major prophet typologies that are very much addressed in The Rod Message and their greater significance in the unfolding of very present truth of today in the Three Sections of the Advent Movement.  The old Davidian leaders of today constantly harp upon Brother Houteff's statements that "Elijah" "is the last prophet" to the church today. That LAST means LAST, that I have "set my stakes and I will not be moved." Which, by the way, if this were true, as the old Davidian leaders continuously propound, would seriously conflict with other statements from Brother Houteff concerning the constant unfolding of Truth for the church today, directly relating to the living prophetic office, that, as Brother Houteff wrote, "it can continue in no other way" "from here on", in one statement.  Believe me, I have heard it all and I know, or have known (met), most all of the Old Davidian leaders after Brother Houteff, some who knew him personally.


Brother, Sister Davidian, if I may share a few principles that the old Davidian leaders will not tell you, either because they do not know, or because they have a personal vested interest to protect.   If you cannot put aside your cultivated prejudices and preconceived ideas taught by present day Rod teachers, then you need not waste your time any further in reading this perspective.  Acting like a particular large flightless bird who buries its head in a hole in the ground when threatened, however, will not make the facts go away.


Please bear in mind that there are TWO types of Elijah. 


#1 -- The TYPE of Elijah-John (the Baptist) and ---


#2 -- The TYPE of Elijah-Elisha Christ (the Tishbite).  Remember, "Divinity never died." (EGW)


If we have a TYPE then, according to Brother Houteff, we have a TRUTH! 


Brother Houteff and Brother Roden made significant comments for both typologies.  If we have a type, we must have a TRUTH.  Inspiration has applied these types in The Rod and The Branch Messages.  Various Rod statements are quoted below concerning Brother Houteff and his fulfillment of the Elijah (John the Baptist) typology.  Brother Houteff DID REPRESENT antitypical "Elijah" (John).  Brother Houteff announced, and anointed, The Branch (Message).


We should learn to recognize and resist the prevailing spirit of the age, which is the spirit of “political correctness”.  This applies to Davidian “political correct” views concerning new light that was supposedly finished, or compete, with Brother Houteff’s message. 

With the plethora of biblical prophecy that was further expounded upon by Ben Roden alone, that Brother Houteff did not comment upon, how could any Davidian embrace the concept of “no new light after Brother Houteff, until the Kingdom", which all Davidian Associations of today teach, particularly in the face of Brother Houteff’s commentary in 1 T.G. 8, of WHO was to “bring this revival and reformation, this great change”!   Was Brother Houteff’s Message titled “The Branch” (Rev. 18:1), or "The Rod" (Rev. 7:1-8) 1SR22,32?  To learn what constituted "this great change", please read the section under the topic heading of "History" under the navigation bar at the top of each page,  and go to "History Summary"/"Our History", and scroll down to 1955 onward.


The prevailing understanding of "The Kingdom", in the self-constricted definition of present day Davidian teaching must be ever so briefly reviewed according to biblical prophecy and the very comments of Brother Houteff himself.